Longer, Happier Lives

Starts with routine veterinary care.


Exams & Vaccines

Routine exams and vaccines are an important part of keeping your pets healthy and happy. We do a full examination to check your pet head to tail and the doctor will discuss any concerns or questions with you. For senior pets (7 years and older) we recommend annual lab work to check on thyroid, kidneys, liver, etc. Read More

Parasite Prevention

External parasites such as fleas and ticks can be irritating to pets and can cause skin issues and internal diseases. We recommend year-round treatment as fleas are found in this area in every season. Occasionally flea populations reach such high levels that treatment of the home and environment becomes necessary.

We offer a number of prescription parasite products as well as an over-the-counter topical flea preventative. For more information, ask a receptionist today.
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In-House Pharmacy

We offer a variety of medications right here at our in-house pharmacy that can be dispensed readily, as needed. Read More


Up to 80% of pets are affected by various stages of dental disease. We believe diagnosing and treating dental problems can improve your pet’s quality and quantity of life. Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital, is proud to offer dental cleanings. An anesthetic dental cleaning includes a full exam, ultrasonic cleaning, and fluoride polish. Using digital radiographs, images can be taken of the entire mouth to better visualize what is happening below the gum line. Infected or broken teeth may be extracted and pockets in the gum line may be treated with an antibiotic gel. Each pet’s oral exam and procedures are documented with high resolution photography, and a full explanation of their procedure is reviewed upon discharge. Read More