Advanced Diagnostics

Can save and improve lives.


Digital Radiology

Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital is very proud to use Idexx digital x-ray systems. This newer form of radiographic imagery eliminates the need for film and development. X-rays are now faster, easier, and less stressful to the animals. Digital images are viewed immediately on the computer screen. This technology allows the doctors to change or enhance the image quality. Additionally, with the click of a mouse, images can be sent directly to a board certified radiologist at other locations within minutes. Read More


We are able to provide on-site ultrasound services, with the option for a radiologist review. When further diagnostics are needed for your pet, ultrasounds allow for the visualization of the heart and abdominal cavity. Ultrasounds also allow imaging of pregnant patients or can be used as a fast scan in emergency cases - checking for fluids in the abdominal or thoracic cavities.

Mobile board-certified radiologists and ultrasonographers can also come to our hospital to perform in-house ultrasounds and discuss their findings with our doctors. The radiologists then send a full report with their findings and treatment recommendations. They can also perform procedures like sedated ultrasound guided cytologies/biopsies if needed.
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In-House Laboratory

Our hospital is equipped to perform blood work, urinalysis, and skin/ear cytologies in our in-house laboratory, which may lead to a quicker diagnosis for certain conditions. This allows for the appropriate treatment process to start right away. Read More


A board-certified veterinary cardiologist performs full cardiac evaluations in our hospital including echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, and blood pressure evaluations. The doctors discuss their findings and receive a full report with their results and treatment advice. Read More


Cryotherapy is offered in-house, which can be used as a surgical alternative to remove small warts, skin tags, or other small lumps and bumps, and can be done without general anesthesia. Read More