A Cut Above

Higher standards of surgical care.


Slide The following are required for all surgery patients: The staff at Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital believes your pet deserves the very best in surgery and medical care. We will do everything possible to assure your pet has a safe surgery and a comfortable and uneventful recovery. All major surgeries are performed in the surgery suite under sterile conditions. The following are required for all surgery patients:
  • Oral exams
  • Dental cleanings
  • Polishing
  • Fluoride-infused polish to strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Digital dental X-rays
  • Dental chews, treats, and other supplements (for chronic oral issues)
  • Physical Exam at Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital within the past year.
  • Current on core vaccines.
  • Recent negative fecal sample.
  • Pre-operative bloodwork – performed prior to surgery

Slide Surgeries and elective procedures must be scheduled in advance. Surgeries are performed Monday through Friday, and patients are admitted between 7:15 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. For your convenience, your pet may be checked in the night before at no additional charge. Food or treats must be withheld after 10pm the night before surgery, but it is not necessary to withhold water.

Please call if you have questions or schedule a consultation if you would like a detailed estimate for a procedure.
Our Pet Dental Package

Slide C02 Laser Surgery Did you know - most surgical procedures can now be performed with a laser? The same tool that is used in human medicine has been adapted for use on animals. Using an intense beam of laser light minimizes adverse effects to normal surrounding tissue while allowing the surgeon more precision.

The benefits of laser surgery include:
  • Less pain – Lasers seal nerve endings, reducing pain.
  • Less bleeding – Lasers seal blood vessels, reducing blood loss.
  • Less swelling – Lasers seal lymph vessels, reducing postoperative swelling.
If you are interested in laser surgery, don’t hesitate to ask. We would be happy to provide a surgical estimate.